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  • Through the embroidery of the words “Light” across the sweatshirt and “Rebirth” across the shorts, this collection celebrates the growth of one’s soul. Finding an eternal “Light” in this world remains the key to inner peace. Transforming this peace into love requires a routine change in perspective, or “Rebirth”. We must all continue to evolve to invoke positive change in our time here, as it is never the changes we want that change everything. 


    Our sweatshirt and shorts break through the boundaries of seasonal fashion. The Rebirth Sweatsuit finds its form in any climate. Whether it be as a cold weather staple, infused with fabric relevance to compliment any winter outfit, or worn by members of our church as a stand alone summer piece drawing attention to the use of color pattern, versatility is our why. 


    SKU: 0001

      Pristine Italian silk hand woven to create our signature velvet texture is the staple of Let There Be Light. Hand stitched in Milan and presented in velvet, the Rebirth Sweatsuit is the embodiment of our functional aesthetic and a dominating statement of the collection. Our world class velvet is designed in a mix of luxury and innovative fabrics sourced from the most reputable mills . With sustainability, spirituality and versatility at the heart of the design process, the Rebirth Sweatsuit merges effortlessly into our style vernacular and your wardrobe. 


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