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  • During this journey I have been on, I have found it so important to exert the most energy towards things you can’t resist


    The denim in this collection holds threads stretching generations long. Decades of artists have altered the creative world as we know it, and our jeans have been around to see it all. Years in the making, the construction of this garment was nothing short of spiritual. Tapping deep into the idea of dying behind something you believe so firmly in, something you can’t resist: your own art. . 


    I let the overwhelming love of orange and purple dominate my second collection and the phenomenon that is, the Basquiat Jeans. Paying ultimate respect and homage to the world's greatest artists, who while they were here never received their flowers. The 27 Club. The never forgotten artists who had to die to be truly heard. But what about those who died before 27? Or after? The seams of our jeans hold the pain of every forgotten artist, and every creative who’s spirit got lost along this winding road. While the navy blue color of our hearty denim textiles represents the sky, us forever reaching towards it, and a remembrance of those above us. 


    Your art may not be displayed in museums and your photos may not be published anywhere but there will always be people who appreciate your art, patiently waiting. So please never stop.


    This is for those who have never stopped,


    Basquiat. Cobain. Hendrix. Winehouse. Brown.


    I don’t want to die at 27. But if I do, show them my clothes. And tell them my prophecy. 



    Basquiat Jeans

    SKU: 0005


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